Oct 12, 2018

How to flash lephone android mobile?

How to flash lephone android mobile? hello friends, you can findout how to flash lephone all mobile, and you can also find out where to download flash file and flash files. thank you

How to flash lephone android mobile?

Hello Friend,  Now i am going to show you how to download flash file and flash tool for lephone android mobile i will provide you both link.
  1. st you need to download flash file and flasher tool .
  2.  flash tool link is here just click and download https://firmwarecare.com/category/lephone
  3. after download your flash files just exact file any where you want to exact any location
  4. here are flash tool link  http://www.mediafire.com/file/g3ecyc74x4b2m4s/YGDP_Setup_V5.00.zip
  5. just download rar file and extract it.
  6. after both flash file and flash tool downloaded you have to go flash tool and exact location and click tools see picture below.
  after exact flash tool of lephone double click  or open it like this image
 after open it  you will see like this image see below


just click login ....after longing
you will see this tool ... see below


and you have to go top left conner side and click config
after click config you will see popup tool  just like this


 and than go to your flash file and select CPB file and open it. After completed loaded your flash file and than. Now you have to remove mobile battery some time and reinstall it. and hold both volume + and - button and plug USB cable and than  just click start button . Now your phone is start flashing after you will see green sing that mean 100% flash your mobile set and down . thank you .

                                           If you have any question about it just comment below...... or contact me